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Sep 7, 2022 | Featured Post, News

My name is Nathalya, and I am the new Content Coordinator here at MGM. Not only am I new to MGM, but I’m also new to the employee benefits industry as a whole! Prior to working at MGM, my knowledge was extremely limited when it came to insurance and benefits. Although I certainly haven’t become an expert overnight, I’ve learned so much in so little time. Insurance doesn’t have to be complicated and it’s my job to prove that to you. For now, I’d like to share what I’ve learned so far during my 3 weeks with MGM.

1. Coverage doesn’t have to be expensive.

A little-known fact about me is that I play roller derby. Since roller derby is a contact sport on roller skates, accidents and injuries are bound to happen. Injuries such as concussions, a sprained ankle, or a broken leg are common. I always feared that if either of these situations were to happen to me, I would not be able to afford the consequences. Thanks to MGM, I’ve learned that insurance goes beyond medical, vision, dental, and life. Plans such as Emergency Transport and Short-Term Disability could come in handy. Not only are these forms of coverage useful, but they’re affordable too! If I needed an ambulance from the skating rink to the hospital, it would cost me nothing since I am enrolled in our Emergency Transport plan. If I was not enrolled in this benefit and needed an ambulance, I would be left with a roughly $2,000-$5,000 bill that I would have to pay out-of-pocket since most medical plans do not cover any form of emergency transportation. Instead, I pay less than $15 a month for the benefit, which is a better deal than a surprise bill that could put in me in debt.

2. It’s never too early to plan ahead.

As a recent college graduate, I often find myself asking “what’s next in my life”? What are my next steps now that I have reached my educational goals? While marriage and starting a family are on my mind, one thing that hasn’t crossed my mind until recently is what will happen when I’m gone. Thinking of what might happen when you pass away can be morbid and daunting but working in the employee benefits industry has made me realize that it’s something to start thinking about as soon as possible. This is where a benefit such as life insurance comes in. Not only is it important to have life insurance, but it’s important to make sure you’re enrolled in the right life insurance for you and your family. September is Life Insurance Awareness month so be sure to check back soon to learn more in depth details about our life insurance plans.

3. Good benefits lead to a high retention rate for employees.

When looking for a job, the two things that matter most to me are the benefits and the company culture. Fortunately, MGM is unique in both areas. When my boss was introducing me to my coworkers around the office, I learned that most of our employees have been with MGM for anywhere from five to twenty-six years. I had never seen such a high retention rate for employees at my previous jobs. It made me wonder: why do MGM employees stay with MGM for as long as they do?

The first thing that stood out to me was the multitude of benefits we can enroll in. Not only am I enrolled in Emergency Transport as stated earlier, but I’m also enrolled in a Flexible Spending Account. The FSA benefit really piqued my interest due to the high cost of my prescription medication. It comes with a debit card I contribute to each paycheck.  Now I can save money at the pharmacy!

Additionally, MGM has a hybrid workplace. While it’s important to come into the office every so often to interact with coworkers, it’s also important to allow employees to work from home. Working from home allows a great work/life balance and I personally get to hang out with my husky all day! Not only does MGM show they care about the mental health of their employees with the option to work from home, but they also show their care by having mental health days and providing access to free counseling through our Employee Assistance Program. Finding the resources to take care of your mental health can be tricky, but MGM provides their employees with as many tools as they can. Upon learning about the MGM culture and benefits, I immediately knew it was a company I wanted to start my marketing career with.

So, what do you say? Come along with me while I learn the ins and outs of employee benefits. Be sure to subscribe to our blog posts and check us out on our four social media channels for additional content. Let’s embark on this journey together!

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