How You Can Insure Your Love On Valentine’s Day

Feb 1, 2022 | Featured Post, Life Insurance, Term Life, Universal Life, Whole Life

Dinner reservations are becoming scarce. Flower delivery services are flooding your favorite podcasts. The shelves in the greeting card section of your local convenience store look like a warzone.

It’s definitely Valentine’s Day season.

If you’re still trying to think of gift ideas for the most romantic day of the year, we’ve got an idea for you: Life insurance.

Now, don’t get us wrong. If giving a physical gift is an important part of your Valentine’s Day tradition with your significant other, then you probably want to get your partner a gift. But to us, there is no greater showcase of love than to list them as your beneficiary on your life insurance policy. It may not sound romantic at face value, but it lets them know that you’re looking out for them even after you’re gone. If you’re not familiar with how life insurance works, check out this video:

How Life Insurance Works

You only need two things to set up a life insurance policy:

The name of someone you love.
A dollar amount in mind that they would need to maintain the lifestyle they've grown accustomed to if you were no longer there.

It might make you uncomfortable thinking about what life would be like for the people you love after you’re gone. However, you need to remember that life insurance becomes necessary the moment someone else depends on you. It could be your partner, children, and even your parents. The last thing you’d want is for your loved ones to be dealing with financial stress along with the stress of losing a loved one. John Chick’s award-winning essay on how the lack of life insurance impacted his family said it best:

“My dad didn’t have life insurance, and life after his death was a major financial struggle for my mom and me,” Chick told Life Happens. “My mom worked all the time just to pay the bills and hold on to the house that my dad built for us. Life was tough, and there was the constant threat of losing the house.”

Are you going to #InsureYourLove? Let us know in the comment section below!

Image Source: Tyler Nix via. UnSplash

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