THEbenefitsHUB is an online benefits enrollment and administration system that determines employee eligibility in an easy-to-use interface. Employees can enroll in their benefits online while administrators can manage their company’s benefit offering.

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THEbenefitsHUB demo video can offer a better understanding of what the system is and how it functions. For a more in-depth look, join one of our online sessions for a live demonstration.


With THEbenefitsHUB and BenefitSelect Exchange promise a quick and efficient enrollment for employees, brokers and everybody in between. Employees will have the ability to enroll from anywhere while our partnered brokers can continue to meet with individuals one-on-one.

It’s intuitive. These systems have features that’ll help employees understand their benefit offering and guide them through the benefit election process. Every employee will have a unique enrollment experience that’s built around their eligibility.

It’s easy to use. The system is easy to understand, comprised of a linear enrollment walkthrough for employees. Benefits are stated clearly, electing is as simple as picking from a drop-down menu and moving to the next product takes just a click!

It’s efficient. Enrollment has become quick and convenient with THEbenefitsHUB. Users can quickly enroll, change, or waive their coverage with just the click of a mouse.


Brokers and Administrators will be able to manage all aspects of their employee benefit programs with THEbenefitsHUB. Administrators will enjoy how the system dramatically reduces burdens by eliminating the need to verify and validate enrollment information, calculate premiums, and figure payroll deductions.

There’s payroll integration. THEbenefitsHUB will integrate with most payroll, human resources and insurance carrier systems. Files are sent electronically and securely, eliminating the need to use multiple platforms for employee management.

There are plan administrator tools. Stacked with a wide range of reporting functions, administrators will be able to pull data with just the click of a button. These reports eliminate the time-consuming process of carrier billing reconciliation or compiling a census. Reports can be downloaded and saved to a computer hard drive in a multitude of formats such as PDF, CSV, HTML or Excel.

There are documented transactions. Every transaction within the system is recorded and time stamped, allowing the plan administrator to easily view a history of transactions made in the system. Should coverage be terminated, administrators will be able to see who terminated the coverage and when the termination was done.

Payroll integration, reporting tools and documented transactions aren’t the only conveniences of the system. Brokers and administrators will also have access to:

  • Evidence of insurability tracking
  • Employees’ enrollment progress throughout annual enrollment
  • Employee management tools that allow employees to either be added to the system, edited or terminated
  • Optional FTP access that offers single sign-on functionality and security


MGM Benefits Group, we want to promote benefit education. We’re committed to helping you and your clients understand the difference between benefits and how to determine which products will work the best in their benefit offering. Our goal is to ultimately empower your clients and their employees to make informed benefit decisions to best suit their needs.

Why is education so important? Now more than ever, employees value their benefits. It’s proven that an employee’s understanding of their benefits package contributes to job satisfaction, longevity and loyalty.

We promote educational marketing campaigns. Coming in the form of a visually appealing email, MGM is prepared to offer extensive details on a variety of products to your clients and their employees. These emails can be sent either directly from MGM, or they can be forwarded to the administrator to distribute among their employees.

We issue brochures and highlight sheets.Product brochures and highlight sheets will break down your client’s specific plans. They are typically provided during enrollment, so employees can make informed decisions based on the product’s entire plan design. Electronic brochures and highlight sheets are also available to employee during their THEbenefitsHUB walkthrough.

And then there’s our educational product videos. Comprised of its own product entirely, our educational videos typically accompany our other products such as the benefits website, THEbenefitsHUB or BenefitSelect Exchange. However, we do have the ability to provide them separately. 

    Data Transmission

    THEbenefitsHUB possesses the ability to transmit data electronically between your clients, the carrier and the MGM Benefits Technology team. You can rest assured that transmission meets all HIPAA and security standards. THEbenefitsHUB utilizes EDI, or Electronic Data Interchange, technology to seamlessly and securely transmit important data quickly and efficiently.

    What’s EDI? Simply put, EDI is a method for transferring data without human intervention. It enables a computer system from one company to “talk” to the computer system from another company, thus allowing the two to digitally exchange data seamlessly and securely.

    Are there different types of EDI? While there are many different types of files that can constitute as EDI and the file formats may differ from carrier to carrier, MGM simply separates them into just two categories: Standard and Custom EDI Files.

    Standard EDI file: Through many years of service, MGM’s Benefit Technology team has already set up a multitude of EDI templates that have been thoroughly tested with a variety of insurance carriers. These files are our standard EDI files. They are what is typically included in THEbenefitsHUB package.

    Customized EDI file: However, if a client or carrier wants anything different than what is standardly available, these files are looked at as custom. Custom EDI Files can slow the implementation process of the system as they are custom built and will need to be thoroughly tested. As a result, if requested, additional charges for a custom EDI file may apply.

    THEbenefitsHUB offers… 

    • Deliverance of data feed information without requiring additional software purchases
    • Direct data feeds exchange to insurance carriers and a variety of payroll systems
    • Downloadable enrollment data to either PDF, CSV, HTML or other formats such as Microsoft Excel
    • Customizable report capabilities to make data transfers and premium remittance best fit your carrier needs


    Maintaining security when communicating sensitive information or transmitting data is at the utmost importance to us. As a company, we strive to maintain compliance and security in all our endeavors. Not only do we place an expectation on ourselves, we also ensure our hardware, software architecture and application exceed the rigorous standards imposed by HIPAA regulations. Our goal is to always meet and exceed your clients and your expectations.

    How do we maintain security? Whether we are sending or receiving data, we always make sure that sensitive information is encrypted and sent securely. With THEbenefitsHUB, we can also provide you with a platform to do the same.

    We take your data seriously. MGM takes maintaining your client’s data and personal health information (PHI) seriously, always going that extra mile to ensure constant security. THEbenefitsHUB is kept current with the changing needs of the employee benefits industry. You can rest assured that system redundancy, network reliability and disaster recovery plans are all key components in maintaining security and reliability within the system.

    We provide a way for you to send and receive secure data. As an additional optional feature to THEbenefitsHUB, MGM’s Benefit Technology team can activate their secure FTP feature. With single sign-on access, both you and your clients would be able to communicate securely through FTP. Data can be sent to carriers or our Benefits Technology team while always being kept safe.

    We’re SSAE18 Certified. To become certified, a company must meet regulations set by the Auditing Standards Board (ASB) of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). These standards dictate that a company who is providing a product or service that may be relevant to internal control over financial reporting to another company must meet and exceed this designated checklist.

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