This Employee Benefit Can Do Wonders for your Mental Wellness

Feb 25, 2022 | EAP, Featured Post

Nobody should feel like they’re going through life alone. Every employee is being pulled in different directions and that can add a lot of stress in life. In fact, 63% of adults said their mental health has worsened in the last year during the pandemic. People are more open to asking for help than ever before, and their employee benefits are there for that exact reason.

Employee Assistance Programs, or EAPs for short, are there to assist employees with everyday issues.

What are Employee Assistance Programs?

EAPs provide employees with professional help when they need it most. When we say that this benefit can help you with almost any issue an employee has, we aren’t lying. Here are some of the topics EAPs typically assist with:

Stress management

Breathe in and breathe out. Employees gain access to videos and docs that can guide them through stressful days.

Finances & Budgeting

It can get dicey trying to conquer finances. EAPs can offer budget templates that first-time budgeters can understand.

Therapy & Psychologist Appointments

The time for ignoring our mental wellness is behind us. It’s 2022 — it’s time to normalize talking about your feelings with professionals!

Divorce & Adoption

Nobody wants to go through this alone. Both are overwhelming for different reasons but an EAP can help an employee all the same.

Buying a new house & other life events

Shopping for a house on Zillow is fun and all, but are people really prepared for all the documents they need to fill out? Probably not. EAPs can guide you on the right path to make becoming a homeowner easy.

Loss & Grief

Every loss is different. It’s devastating to lose a family member. It doesn’t matter if it’s a pet or a parent — EAPs are a great resource for coping with the grieving process.

Keep in mind that every EAP is different. What you see above may or may not be provided in your company’s program, so be sure to double-check.

Heads up!

You may already have access to this benefit! Get in touch with your human resource representative today to see if you can take advantage of an EAP.

Why Every Company Should Have an EAP

When employers provide their workers an EAP, it shows that they care. Bosses have a lot on their plates and can’t help employees with their personal lives — no matter how badly they want to. It gives every level of management the opportunity to show their employees that they’re there to help even when their calendar is full.

If you’re a broker or employer that needs to add EAPs to your benefits offering, it’s time to take action! Give us a call at 972.881.2255 or email us at We can provide you with the best rates for the best plans — and that applies to all benefits.

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