Swipe Right to Enroll — If Employee Benefits Had Dating Profiles (Part 1)

Jul 25, 2019 | Accident, Open Enrollment, Pet Insurance

Everyone. Is. Swiping. Swiping to find friends. Their better halves. You can even swipe right to apply for jobs in certain job recruiter apps, now. And finding your perfect match or “Prince Charming” all depends on the perfect “About Me” section. An empty or bland bio will get you a swipe to the left, and only the most interesting of bios will get a swipe right. Which got us to thinking…

“What would an ‘about me’ section look like for our most popular employee benefits?”

If people are willing to swipe to find love, why can’t they swipe their way to better benefits education? We’re more than halfway through summer and while love is in the air, open enrollment is fast-approaching for many. It’s crucial employees understand their employee benefits when enrolling because a lack of understanding can actually lead to them leaving money on the table. A recent survey revealed that only 62% of employees have little to no understanding of their company’s voluntary benefits offering. Fun and engaging methods of benefits education can help raise that statistic!

So, what if pet insurance educated the masses of its value by creating a dating profile? What about identity theft insurance? Would you swipe right?

Accident Insurance

Accident insurance is bold, confident, and happy to blast through whatever obstacles are in its way. More than happy to cater to a family of five with three kids who play football, or an avid rock-climber, accident insurance is there to make sure the insured isn’t paying too much out of pocket:

Pet Insurance

You should know by now how much we love pet insurance here at MGM Benefits Group. Perhaps a little… too much? But that doesn’t change the fact that it is the secret weapon to any pet lover’s financial plan. Don’t know how pet insurance can help you? Check it out:

Let us know if you’d swipe right on the benefits above! Tweet us @mgmbenefits or email us at marketing@mgmbenefits.com to find out how you can get your hands on more benefits education tools!

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