Why Pet Insurance Is The Perfect Gift For Your Fuzzy Family Members

Feb 20, 2019 | Pet Insurance

Up until two years ago, I wasn’t much of a “pet person”.

Growing up without an animal in the house (besides my brother), I convinced my adult-self that I knew I didn’t want a pet. “The fur is too much of a mess to deal with,” I’d tell myself. Or, “I don’t have the budget to afford a pet.”

All of that changed when my partner told me she wanted to start fostering. I put up with fostering dogs for as long as I could… before I fell in love with the cutest bulldog I’ve ever seen. It took me all of three months to adopt her, and I could finally see why people treated their pets like immediate family members. White dog-hair on my black hoodie seemed like a fair trade-off for getting to sit next to her. I prioritized my budgeting so she could lead a healthy (and spoiled) life.

There’s a sense of unquestioned loyalty between a human and their pet, whether it be a cat, dog, or even a rabbit. They’re always there for us and it’s time for us to return the love! National Love Your Pet Day takes place on February 20, 2019, and it’s the perfect time to showcase your love for your pets by signing up for pet insurance.

What is pet insurance?

Before we dive into why it’s the perfect gift for your fuzzy family member, it helps to have a decent grasp of what it is.

Pet insurance is an insurance policy that helps soften the blow that comes with paying for veterinary bills. It’s similar to health insurance policies for humans in that pet insurance will help pay toward, or entirely cover often expensive procedures.

My partner and I are on our second adopted pup (a pibble) and I’ve learned a lot of lessons in pet ownership:


Lesson 1: There’s no such thing as too many toys.

I repeat… No such thing as too many toys.


Dogs get such joy out of tearing apart the toys we get them. No matter how many toys are in their backlog or how many bones they just obliterated, they’re always excited to get more. So be sure to spoil your pet with a toy they’ll love on Love Your Pet Day because they don’t know how much you’re really spoiling them by giving them a pet insurance policy.


Lesson 2: There’s no such thing as a vet bill that’s “too expensive”.

There’s no amount of money an owner wouldn’t be willing to pay to ensure their pet lives the best life possible. Seeing as my pit can’t just drive to the vet all by himself (though I wouldn’t put it past Tesla to release that future in the coming years), it’s up to us to take care of him. Shots, X-Rays, and surgeries all add up quick.


Lesson 3: Pet insurance is worth the investment.

It took just one trip to the veterinarian for me to see the value in pet insurance. A recent report says the first year of cat and dog ownership can cost as much as $1,070 and $1,270, respectively.

The value-shopper in me says that I should take the most affordable path possible in treating my dog with whatever he needs, and that includes his visits to the vet.

I mentioned in a previous blog post how the rise of pet insurance is no fad, thanks to millennials. Enrolling in pet insurance is a decision that employees around the nation are excited for, which is making it one of the most popular benefits for employers to add to their benefits offering.

How are you going to celebrate #LoveYourPetDay with your puppy? Let us know in the comment section below!

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