#CelebrateSafely On July 4th — Don’t Blast Your Way Into an Accident Benefit

Jul 3, 2019 | Accident, Emergency Transport

Every year, Americans set up their lawn chairs to watch their town’s fireworks display; it’s the perfect grand-finale to a grand holiday. Even if you decide to stay in the house with your pet to comfort them from the scary exploding sounds in the sky, the flash of light outside your window and fizzling of the sparklers can still give you that warm, fuzzy feeling.

But we’ve all heard those stories about how dangerous fireworks can be. In fact, the boomsticks were involved in an estimated 9,100 injuries in United States hospitals in 2018. In 2017, there were eight firework related deaths and over 12,000 injuries. 63% of those 12,000+ injuries took place between June 13th and July 13th.

You may think you have a good idea on how to handle a firework, but all it takes is one error to become a statistic. July 4th is not the time to take advantage of your accident insurance benefit. You don’t want to be thankful that you enrolled in emergency transport insurance on Independence Day. Here are some safety tips to ensure your comprehensive benefits coverage doesn’t come into play on your holiday:

– Never, under any circumstance, allow a young child to handle fireworks. Sparklers included.

– Avoid buying fireworks from roadside stands with hand-painted signs. Look, we’re all about supporting small businesses here at MGM Benefits Group. But you have no idea where those fireworks came from, who made them, or if they’re safe.

– Keep a hose or a bucket of water on hand if there is an accident and something catches fire.

– Perhaps the most important piece of advice: Make sure fireworks are legal in your area.

Which benefits can help ease the financial woes of a firework accident?

There are a lot of benefits that can soften the financial blow that’s paired with a fireworks injury. You’ve probably heard tales from your Ma and Pa about that kid in Indiana who blew his index finger off because she held on to the M-80 firework for too long. While that does tend to happen every now and again, it happens very rarely. For that reason alone, we’re going to skip over Accidental Death & Dismemberment.

Accident Insurance

More often than not, victims of firework accidents suffer wounds or burns. Accident Insurance is the perfect type of insurance to help pay toward the bills that are paired with treating these injuries. There are even accident insurance plans that cover dismemberment, which is really just a dramatic way of saying “my finger is no longer attached to my hand”.

If you want to learn more about accident insurance, go ahead and click the link below:
Accident Insurance: A “Super” Benefit That’s Perfect For Your Little Athlete

Emergency Transport Insurance

If you’re an adult, chances are you won’t want to be driving yourself to the hospital if you suffer a roman candle incident. In cases like this, an emergency vehicle (more often than not, an ambulance can handle these injuries) will come scoop you up and take you to the closest medical facility. This is where your emergency transport insurance kicks in; you won’t have to pay the bill that comes along with your ride to the hospital. Emergency transport insurance will completely cover your ride, giving you peace of mind about your finances.

If you want to learn more about emergency transport insurance, go ahead and click the link below:
This Employee Benefit Covers Your Ambulance Ride to the Hospital
So please, please, PLEASE, celebrate Independence Day with safety in mind.

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