This Employee Benefit Covers Your Ambulance Ride to the Hospital (VIDEO)

Jun 19, 2019 | Emergency Transport, Video

We all know the reputation ambulances and emergency choppers have: They’re expensive. Like, really expensive. So much so that people are calling Ubers when they need to make it to the hospital. If you end up using Uber as an affordable alternative to anything, you know there’s a problem that needs fixing.

There will be times when an Uber simply isn’t an option, like a car crash or a ski accident. Now, once the medics strap you to the stretcher and bring you into the vehicle, you’re stuck with that bill; a bill that ranges anywhere from $1,000 to $50,000! You may think your medical insurance will cover that bill, but it’ll only cover so much. What if we told you there’s a benefit that can completely cover the bill that comes along with a costly ambulance or chopper ride? Well, it exists!

What is Emergency Transport Insurance and what does it do?

Emergency Transport insurance provides peace of mind for you and your loved ones by ensuring your ride to the hospital won’t break the bank. You can enroll in this benefit regardless of your age and health for an affordable monthly payment. With no health questions to answer and an easy claims process, this benefit is money saver that can prepare you for the unexpected.

Check out this video highlighting the benefits of this benefit below:

Transcription: You’ve heard the horror stories about the bills that come along with a ride in the ambulance. $5,000 for a five-mile drive? $70,000 for an emergency chopper? Don’t let a trip to the hospital break the bank. Emergency Transport Insurance is a benefit that will protect your savings from a costly ambulance ride, whether it’s on the ground or in the air. It’s designed to reduce or completely cover the bill attached to your ride to the hospital. You might be thinking, “It won’t happen to me”, but chances are that the 16 million patients who go to the hospital every year1 were thinking the same thing. Be prepared for the unexpected by enrolling in this benefit today. In most cases, this benefit is also available for your dependents.

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