Carrier Services

We aim to make everything benefits-related simple, and that process usually starts with the carrier. Our team of third-party administration experts will serve as your direct point of contact between you and the employer, offloading general questions and carrier billing responsibility.

List Billing

Our Customer Support team assists carriers in providing overall administration to our block of business, and one of our main responsibilities is to supply list billing. We’ll lend a hand by sending invoices if you’re a company that supports this feature. Lighten your workload by letting us deliver list billing to the employer, freeing your time to address other pressing matters.

Dedicated Third-Party Support

It takes simplified communication, accuracy, and timeliness to ensure successful administration of your group insurance plans. Our dedicated team of billing experts will act as your clients’ direct administrator contact, assisting with the likes of billing reconciliation, premium remittance, verifying coverage for claims, and more!

Online Enrollment with BenefitSelect Exchange

We’ve developed a fast implementation process for carriers who want to offer the convenience of online enrollment to their sales reps & clients. Skip the standard 8-week implementation time by quickly going from build to live!