The MGM Broker Resource Center is OPEN!

Feb 5, 2021 | Company News

Times, they are a-changing. As the world transitions to a digital-first mindset, it’s crucial that brokers adapt in the insurance industry. Especially when you consider how important it is for brokers to get in touch with clients during open enrollment!
For employees, benefits education is a crucial factor in protecting your finances and, more importantly, your loved ones.
For brokers, benefits education during open enrollment is a key factor in increasing participation and keeping your clients informed. Lucky for our partnered brokers, we’ve created a one-stop shop that gives them all the supplies they need to make the “new normal” of benefits communication the most successful yet!
Introducing the MGM Benefits Group Broker Resource Center! This new storefront gives employees the tools they need to enroll in their benefits! Our product flyers, pre-enrollment campaigns, and other educational tools are an easy way to boost participation and communicate more about the benefits offered.
Let’s take a look at what each product can offer our brokers and their clients: 

Benefit Guides 

A crucial tool for every open enrollment. Give employees a quick-and-easy resource so they can learn about their benefits offering BEFORE open enrollment. We will customize it to your offering, creating a unique and tailored experience.

These colorful customizable inserts with key information such as enrollment changes, login information, benefit contacts, a glossary of terms, and a brief explanation of each benefit. By combining them with your carrier materials, you can offer a cohesive benefit summary to your clients.

Open Enrollment Flyer 

What is the first step in preparing your clients for their open enrollment? Letting them know when it’s taking place!
These digital flyers will be custom branded with your clients’ company names, key enrollment dates, and your contact information. Also, get a head start on your clients’ benefit education by hyperlinking benefit videos of your choosing!

Educational Videos 

Add educational videos to THEbenefitsHUB to guide your clients through open enrollment. Our suite of animated shorts is a quick and entertaining way to share essential information about benefit offerings.

Product Flyers 

Choose from our selection of 22 product flyers to help educate your clients on their benefits offerings. These personalized flyers with your information are available in several different styles and colors.
Each product flyer is packed with information and statistics to help make a participant decide whether that benefit is the right fit for them and their family.

COBRA Termination Flyer

Our marketing team will customize this to the employer’s plan particulars and can be sent to you in both PDF and Word format. Our sales department will help you customize this document.
Ready to see what all the excitement is about? Check out the Broker Resource Center by clicking the link below:

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