MeMD’s Telehealth Service is a Game-Changer During the COVID Pandemic

Feb 25, 2021 | Promotional, Telehealth

The pandemic has changed the way people live their lives, especially how we care for ourselves. You need to be more careful in your day-to-day errands. It’s difficult running to urgent care or your doctor’s waiting room. This is where telehealth comes into play.

MeMD is a telehealth company that gives someone access to a licensed medical professional from the comfort of their own couch. Imagine being able to skip the waiting room, the long drive, and the planning ahead that comes with scheduling a doctor’s appointment! In order to fully appreciate telehealth, it helps to understand how it can help you:

How telehealth works:

Employees enrolled in telehealth will gain access to medical consultations with technology. Through a phone call, email, or video chat, employees will be able to speak to a doctor who can diagnose minor aches and illnesses. These doctors can prescribe medication for the likes of the common cold, flu, pink eye, and much more. Some telehealth providers also offer other services like therapy sessions.


MeMD’s Telehealth Solution in a Post-COVID World

Telehealth has been a game-changer for everybody from busy parents to high-risk patients. In fact, 80% of people say COVID-19 made telehealth “an indispensable part of the healthcare system”! Let’s face it — in a world where people have to be careful just grabbing a bag of lettuce in the supermarket, ease of use is a major factor in self-care! When it comes to taking care of yourself, your children, or your spouse, it doesn’t get easier than MeMD’s telehealth service to care for the ones you love.

Customers who have used MeMD are nothing short of satisfied when they finish their sessions with licensed medical professionals. With a Trustpilot TrustScore of 9.1 out of 10 and nearly a thousand 5-star ratings on their services, it’s a no-brainer to use their service!


Attention Brokers & Employers — We Can Get You This Affordable Benefit for Your Next Open Enrollment!

Adding MeMD’s affordable telehealth coverage to your benefits offering is a breeze. With telehealth becoming one of the hottest commodities in the insurance industry, it’s the perfect time to add it to your catalog! Give us a call at 888.312.7068 to add this benefit to your offerings today!

Disclaimer:  This blog entry was done in partnership with MeMD. 

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