(VIDEO) This Critical Employee Benefit Can Save You a LOT of Money

May 1, 2019 | Critical Illness, Video

Heart attacks. Strokes. Cancer. The mention of these three illnesses and diseases will send shivers of fear throughout anybody’s body… and their pockets too.

Why It’s Necessary

Fighting the aforementioned diseases is no easy task. It takes a toll on your body and can put you in financial peril. You may not even be able to afford the medical bills upon leaving the hospital. A recent study revealed that over 40% of cancer patients pour their entire financial savings into treatment and care after just two years. They’re also twice as likely to file for bankruptcy than the average citizen. Medical care is expensive and it can be hard to adapt to the unexpected. However, it’s easier to prepare for than you think.

How It Works

Critical Illness Insurance eases the financial woes that comes along with a serious illness like a heart attack, stroke, or aneurysm. Treatment for a critical illness can be a costly process. This benefit will help pay toward any out of pocket medical expenses that accrue during your treatment and recovery so you can concentrate on what matters most: Your health. It also pays in addition to your medical insurance which means you won’t have to dig deep into your savings to fight off bill collectors.

If you have a family history of heart attacks or cancer, a critical illness insurance plan should be a part of your comprehensive benefits package.

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Video Transcription: “This is a tale about a man named Evan whose life savings were, well, saved by his critical illness insurance policy. Even though Evan lived a healthy lifestyle, his family had a history of heart attacks that he did not take lightly. He worked hard to build his savings account and when he fell victim to a heart attack, his Critical Illness policy paired with his health insurance plan covered the majority of his out of pocket costs. Once he was diagnosed, his policy issued him a lump-sum benefit that helped him cover everything from hospital bills to rent. It just goes to show that a little bit every month can go a long way when you really need it.”

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