We Are a Third Party Administrator

MGM works with several carriers to provide Third Party Administration (TPA) services. Comprised of a knowledgeable Customer Support team, our Group Administration Department assists carriers in providing overall administration to MGM’s block of business. One of their main responsibilities is to supply list billing.

What is a list bill?

A list bill shows all insured employees, their coverage election and their total premium amount. It clearly displays how the bill is being calculated and how deductions should be applied, creating a useful tool for your client administrators.

While list billing is one of the major responsibilities, MGM’s Group Administration Department does so much more! They serve as the client’s direct administrative contact, assisting in the following other services:

Verifying coverage for carrier claims;

Processing medical treatment claims;

Managing Dental claim reimbursements;

Processing carrier enrollment applications;

Premium remittance; and

Ongoing administrator support.

We Are TPA For These Carriers