What Are Benefit Enhancement Plans?

To put it simply, Benefit Enhancement Plans were designed to help your clients save. It’s not insurance so employees can use it with their insurance. And in areas where some coverages may not be available, Benefit Enhancement Plans can still provide your clients with an opportunity to save.  

MGM has partnered with New Benefits, a leading provider in Benefit Enhancement Plans, to bring our partnered brokers these additional services. It comes in the form of one plan that offers several saving options. Coverage can be implemented on a group basis and paid for through payroll deduction.  

new benefits


Although our Benefit Enhancement Plans are presented as one plan, your clients will have a wide range of discounts and savings available to them. These plans are also flexible and customizable so that they are best suited to your client’s needs. We want to work with you to build plan options that are comprised of a few or all of the following discounts and/or savings:


Dental Benefit

Vision Care Benefit

Neighborhood Pharmacy Benefit

MRI & CT Scanning

Lab Testing

Doctors Online

Health Advocate Services

Legal Care Direct

Safe Identity

Health Connection

Telephonic Counseling Services


Cashback Saver



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Why TeleHealth?

Telehealth has become the latest trend in employee benefit solutions. Why? Because it saves time and money. It can be time-consuming and costly to wait hours in a clinic waiting room for basic medical treatment. With telehealth, employees no longer have to.

Diagnostic or informational consultations can be done electronically through video, email or telephone. Individuals will speak with real medical professionals, be diagnosed for simple conditions and prescribed treatment. And all of this can be done without leaving the comfort of their own home. 

It’s easy to see the benefit for this service. Give your clients the option of being treated on their time, saving on those out-of-pocket medical costs. 

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