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MGM Benefits Group restructures their website to provide a clearer message, functionality and visual appeal

RICHARDSON, TEXAS - DECEMBER 4,2015 - With the launch date quickly approaching, MGM Benefits Group (MGM) is proud to announce the changes coming to their website. As the company continues to evolve, they are focusing on modernizing all facets of their brand. Their website is just the next step. As of today, viewers will be able to visit to find a more user-friendly layout and design with a clear message on what it is they do. The website will feature a fully responsive design, prompting the site to scale to fit a user’s viewing device.

When asked, the Vice President of Marketing, Glenn Turchi, is eager to talk about the positive changes coming with these updates. “We’re changing and growing, and we want potential customers to see that, too,” he states. “With this update, visitors will be able to experience a user-friendly site that delivers a clear message and sleek design. We believe our visitors will be very pleased with the changes that are coming.”

Being a “broker’s broker,” MGM wants to deliver that message clearly and will utilize their website to do so. Content has been molded so that their message will be effectively communicated. Not only that, but the website’s visual appeal will ensure viewers enjoy their site experience while also taking away the true MGM mission and their core focus.

Feel free to take a moment to visit the website to see what these new changes will bring. If you want to know more about MGM, give them a call at 866.881.2255.